Explore the Ways in Which Male Identity is Represented in the Film ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and How the Relationships Between the Characters are so Significant.

Call Me By Your Name, the new film by Luca Guadagnino, is a love story between a seventeen year old boy named Elio, played by Timothée Chalamet, and a 24 year old American graduate named Oliver, played by Armie Hammer, in the summer of 1983 in northern Italy. The film is an adaptation of the novel by André Aciman and has been extremely successful, receiving Oscar Nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor in Leading Role, Music (Original Song) and won Best Adapted Screenplay.

Male identity is a topic of which I wish to explore in this film as I believe that the characters subvert certain gender attributions that we think we must conform to in order to feel accepted by society. This film touches on subjects such as toxic masculinity and emotional vulnerability. These two subjects may help me when it comes to photographing men and trying to get that honest and truthful image through emotion and honesty.

I want to start with Mr. Perlman, who is Elio’s father also played by Michael Stuhlbarg, as I believe he is the most subverted, and also my favourite character, throughout the whole film. Mr. Perlman is an educated and wise man who takes on students for the summer as a form of work experience for their university studies.

Throughout the film, Elio’s father is often feminised through key scenes such as the conversation he has with Elio towards the end of the film. This is a pivotal moment for their relationship as we see Mr. Perlman comfort Elio, and in some cases comfort himself through conversing to Elio about his personal life and reflecting upon it. In this scene Guadagnino has made it unclear if Mr. Perlman is gay and has had previous involvement with another man before he met his wife, Annella. He does this by saying “Maybe more than a friendship. And I envy you.” and also “In my place, most parents would hope the whole thing goes away, or pray that their sons land on their feet soon enough,” Mr. Perlman says. “But I am not such a parent. In your place, if there is pain, nurse it, and if there is a flame, don’t snuff it out, don’t be brutal with it.” This critical dialogue is wish-fulfilment for many gay people, who could only dream to be accepted and loved by their parents. However, the first quote makes me believe that he had someone in his life, previously, but emotions were not reciprocated revealing a sense of unrequited love between Mr. Perlman and a significant other. By supporting Elio and knowing about his sexuality without shunning him, he is embracing a stereotypical female role in the sense that he’s being the parent that their child addresses first in an emotional crisis. As a gay man, I found it more difficult to tell my dad about my sexuality because he is a masculine father figure, and I know that this is the case for many gay men whether it be stereotypical or not. I believe that Mr. Perlman sees himself as Elio when he was younger as he hints that similar situations have happened to him through his body language and his knowledge. When speaking about love I believe that you need to have first hand experience in order to advise someone, and it’s clear that Mr. Perlman once experienced the same situation as Elio through what he talks about.

There is a scene where Mr. Perlman lets Oliver sit in the front of the car and Elio objects to this as his father never lets Elio sit in the front. There is a sense of confusion from Elio’s side. However, to me, this makes perfect sense. Stereotypically, it is always nerve racking to meet your partners parents as you want to convey a good example of yourself- you want to feel part of the family. By allowing Oliver to sit in the front it shows that Mr. Perlman is trying to build a relationship up with Oliver which should reassure Elio that the professor is treating Oliver as part of the family. This leads onto the idea that Mr. Perlman is accepting Elio and his sexuality by making it obvious to Elio that his relationship with Oliver is positive.

Overall, I feel that Mr.Perlman is a perfect example of a modern father because of how comforting and understanding he is with Elio. Stereotypically, son’s will feel closer with their mothers and mothers will be more emotionally understanding. However, this gender role is subverted and we see more involvement with Mr. Perlman and Elio, emotionally, than Annella.

Moving onto Elio, who is my second favourite character for I feel as If I can relate to him on a personal level, he doesn’t have many friends and keeps to himself throughout most of the film. He explains to Oliver, when asked about what he does in his free time, that he reads books, goes on walks and sometimes goes out at night. This is not what a seventeen year old boy would stereotypically do when thriving in their youth. Elio is much younger than Oliver in the film, which has caused an issue between some people stating that it’s paedophilia. In the 1980’s homosexuality was not accepted in society and it was still illegal to be involved in homosexual relations in some parts of the world. The aids crisis became more hyperbolic and caused scare throughout western culture. Elio had never experienced any form of relationship with someone, especially being a seventeen year old in a small northern Italian town, and so when he met Oliver you could tell that his feelings were genuine for him because of his character development throughout the film. We start by seeing him interested in Oliver, but then he slowly becomes obsessed with him by writing in his diary, which is stereotypically a feminine ideology, smelling his swimming shorts and imagining that he is having sex with Oliver.

His involvement with Marzia is rather platonic in comparison to romantic. I, personally, feel that Marzia is in Elio’s life for the pleasure and not for the commitment which is what makes his and Oliver’s relationship more believable than his and Marzias. Relating this ideology to the theory made by John Berger that men act and women appear makes Marzia seem disposable to Elio. Elio can have Marzia whenever he wants, especially if Oliver doesn’t give him enough satisfaction emotionally and sexually. This reinforces the idea that men have control over women in society and relates to Propp’s ‘Character Types’ theory that women are princess’ waiting for their prince charming. However, to contrast this, there are scenes where Elio acts as the princess because of his vulnerability when it comes to his emotional stability and involvement with Oliver. I also feel that Elio could be experimenting with Marzia and using her as a distraction from Oliver. Oliver has complete control over Elio’s emotions and this shows in scenes such as when Elio confesses his love to Oliver and Oliver says nothing back. Elio’s emotions are tense and we can see this through sporadic outbursts of confessional statements that Oliver is left perplexed with.

Elio’s relationship with his father is the strongest and most stable throughout the duration of the film. He is most affectionate with his father and we can see this through the last converse of dialogue between them both towards the end of the film. He looks up to his father and follows in his footsteps when it comes to studying literature and philosophy.

There is an interesting point that I believe is important to mention, especially where Elio’s character is concerned. I don’t think that Elio has had much of a masculine input from his father growing up which is why I think he looks up to, and admires, Oliver. Oliver is physically taller than Elio and this makes him look up to him, but I’m thinking more metaphorically. In terms of parental guidance, there has been no hyper-masculine man that is involved in Elio’s life until Oliver is introduced, so this is something that Elio hasn’t experienced which could be why he’s so attracted to Oliver.

When reading through Elio’s diary, we can see that he is madly obsessed with Oliver through entries that confess his frustration. For example, he thought he came across too harsh when talking about Bach and later wrote “I thought he didn’t like me”. Elio’s diary entries are hyperbolic in the sense that he thinks too much into situations involving Oliver. Diary entries and over thinking about boys is something that stereotypical teenage girls do in their bedroom. However, this is reversed when we see Elio doing this, but about his homosexual desires with Oliver.

Overall, I believe that Elio’s split into too juxtaposing characters when it comes to his involvement with Oliver and Marzia. Both people expose different sides to Elio’s personality, but which one is the most truthful? Even though he acts differently around Marzia and Oliver, he is still very sexually driven by both of them which I think is important to notice.

The final character that I need to talk about is Oliver, who I believe is the most complex person in Call Me By Your Name, purely because of his arc of transformation and his character development throughout. Oliver is introduced as a well put together man with his hair slick back, tall, handsome and dominant. However, as the story develops we see Oliver start to become less domineering and more vulnerable as he starts to accept his love and passion for Elio. The scene by which I noticed this was when Elio and Oliver are by the pool and Oliver needs to go to town. Elio mimics what Oliver is saying in a sarcastic tone, and Oliver is seen staring into the distance asking Elio questions that are making Oliver nervously wait for a reply. This is when we start to see Elio take control and have the upper hand over Oliver. I don’t believe this is a sign of deterioration, but a sign of worry for what could be pursued because of the laws surrounding homosexuality in the 80’s.  As Oliver originates from the United States, the law surrounding homosexuality is still quite strict which causes Oliver to think deeply into his and Elio’s relationship. There is a scene where Oliver looks around to see if anyone is watching him and Elio before he gets close to his face and confesses how much he wants to kiss him- until he slowly resigns from the idea because of heterosexual expectations. I also believe that them only spending six weeks together also has a strong impact on his decisions when pursuing a relationship with Elio. He will eventually have to go back to the United States to study, which he does, and Elio will be left in Italy to drown in his sorrows that were left behind by his first love. Could this be a sign of compassion towards Elio by saying no more to their relationship so that the suffering isn’t as bad when Oliver has to leave?

Later on in the book (this scene is not mentioned in the film) Oliver goes on to marry a woman and has children. This could be a sign that Oliver has withdrawn and maybe feels ashamed by his previous love affair with Elio. It relates to the idea that Marzia was disposable to Elio and now Elio knows how it feels to be disposed by someone important to him. It also represents Oliver always having complete control over his and Elio’s relationship throughout that summer as he has progressed in his life without Elio.

I don’t believe that it was Oliver that made Elio suffer, but it was the nature of him that should be held responsible. Because Oliver was the first masculine figure Elio had in his life I think this was a huge attraction and had an impact on Elio’s emotional well being.

Overall, the characters in ‘Call Me By Your Name’ all experience the emotional impact that love can have on one self, whether it be between father and son, or between two lovers. Each characters emotional development throughout the film, including Mr. Perlman because of his honesty at the end, is extremely complex in the sense that men struggle with their emotions and being able to express how they feel. The beginning of the love story starts as a mystery and isn’t discovered until the end, by which it’s too late to pursue. This links to the song, that was originally made for the film and nominated for an Oscar,  ‘Mystery of Love’ by Sufjan Stevens. These characters emotions are significant for the story to develop. Without their emotional states being what had developed then the relationships between these men would not have been possible and a foundation for the book. Call Me By Your Name is an important film that needs to be recognised as it doesn’t dwell on the sorrows of aids and disease, or family feuds, but love and the emotional connection between two people.


“oh, to be successful” he says.

I am currently experiencing an abundance of emotion which includes the fear of regret, and the trepidation that life forcefully drags behind itself.

I admit wholeheartedly that I do want everything to be perfect, and that I am intimidated by the idea of mistake. What I find difficult to digest is that mistakes do help people develop and evolve, and I am most probably reluctant to believe it for everything in my life has concluded in a positive and ‘mistake free’ light. However, right now, I am extremely apprehensive and fearful of ‘the next step in my life’ which is deciding whether university is a priority in order for me to be successful.

But what does the word ‘successful’ mean to me?

“To be successful is to have a credible job that pays well, that can provide for oneself and a family and to pay bills in oder to SURVIVE” would be a common answer from a typical westerner. I do feel as though this outlook on life is rather unhealthy for people like myself because this is not a life that I want to dwell in. I do not find this fulfilling enough, and I completely understand that this is what some people decide to strive for, and that’s a personal decision that many of you are sure of making. However, I do not feel as though it’s a choice that I have made for myself, but a choice that has been made for me by the certainty of others.

I am conflicted over what my purpose is on this planet, and how I define the word successful. I do sometimes feel as though I have a split personality in the sense that there is part of me that wants to be ‘well known’ in photography and to be recognised for what I do. The industry that I will be going into is very materialistic and doesn’t focus on fine art as much as I want it too, which is why I want to study it so I can try and understand fashion and see how my input can invent a fresh and contemporary perspective.

As I write this I am reading back and reflecting profusely on what I have said and I can’t help but notice a fear of leaving this planet without making a difference, or being unknown. However, does this really matter and why do I feel that in order to be successful you have to be well known?

There is also a part of me that doesn’t care about developing a career in fashion, that doesn’t care about getting married, settling down, having kids, paying bills and a mortgage and then eventually dying. Of course this is what some people only wish for and that’s their choice, but I do not wish this upon myself.

What I have learnt from being single is that you are the most important person in your life and that it is not a selfish concept, or purpose to put yourself first. I do believe that being single has really helped me to discover who I am, which is extremely cliché and cringe. However, it’s true and should be recognised more and most definitely encouraged. You need time to be you.

What is my dream in life? I thought I knew, but turns out my dream evolved and revised itself. This leads me on to the actual point of this blog post which is whether I want to travel, or go to university.

I had a long conversation with my mum about whether or not university is the right thing for me at this current time as all I can think about is travelling. Travelling is the only topic that I want to discuss with people and the only topic that I genuinely obtain excitement for. I know that I would certainly receive so much fulfilment when travelling as I really appreciate and nurture human connection. Especially more than caring about who is wearing what designer on their back. Of course I enjoy photography, but I know FOR A FACT that travelling is what I want to do.

…But it can wait.

My mum said to me with so much intelligence that it’s better to do something and hate it, than not do something and regret it. That is an expression that I fear we all lose when we are young children, and could really use as an adult as it still applies in many situations. I do really want to go to university; I know it will be an amazing experience, but it’s the fear of the unknown and the perturbation of what comes after university with the stress of trying to be successful in obtaining and securing a well paid job. It’s a pressure. All my life I have been told in education that I need to go to university in order to be successful and that ’70% of our students have gone on to prestigious universities”. Right now, I can’t help but not give a fuck about facts and figures that colleges praise. Right now, I care about me and what’s best for myself, and to be honest no one knows what will happen in a year, or even three years time. However, I know that my love for travelling, my love for developing real life human connection will never change and I will get a chance in my life to do all these things, but I have to be patient.

I expect everything to come at me all at once. However, the reality of it is that it’s just not possible. I need to be patient.

I love photography and I know that I am going to love university. It’s just all I can think about right now is travelling and how much fulfilment I will receive from that particular experience.

There is a quote in Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth Bennet says “I must confess that the view from where I sit has been rather grey.” and this quote has stuck with me ever since I have finished my art foundation as I entered a state of utter confusion and misery. Going into summer and getting out of the routine of wanting/ needing to create art really forced me to get inside my own head and start thinking too deeply into certain life aspirations, potentially. I was departing from incredible tutors, that I like to call mentors, that really gave me the freedom to help me discover who I am as a person. I believe that there is a fear in departing from people that have meant so much to you, and entering an environment where you don’t know how they will impact your life IF they even impact it at all.

Feeling confused is not a pleasurable experience. However, I only hope that one day, whether it be travelling or university, it helps me come to terms with the controversial and rather curious disputation of what it means to be ‘successful’.

Good luck out there.

New Years Resolutions.

Happy New Year.

The recovery process after reading ‘Call Me By Your Name’ proves to be extremely difficult as I am currently experiencing detachment issues. I can’t stop thinking about the characters and my emotional state, let alone theirs.

Because of my detachment issues of which I don’t put myself down for, It’s resulted in me reading online reviews, and watching interviews of the actors, who play Elio and Oliver in the film, in order to slowly escape the strong gravitational pull that this book possesses.

Other than this book taking up a good 83% of my VALUABLE time, I have been slowly applying to university. This process is taking its sweet time and I really need to be reminded of how vital my application is in order to be accepted into the universities of my choice.

Moving onto the topic of this blog post, I never usually make new years resolutions as I have never really seen the point in them.

Firstly, most people give up on their new years resolutions (including myself), so what’s the point? Secondly, they’re normally so cliché and aren’t really something that you are willing to put the effort in for.

And finally- If you really want to change something about yourself, or better yourself then why wait till the New Year?

However, I have been watching these YouTubers (lol don’t judge) and their content has really inspired me to do something that I know I will definitely stick to. I want to learn a new language.

For a long time now, I have been wondering why native English speakers aren’t persuaded to learn a new language. I feel so ignorant when I go to another country and I expect them to know English as it is the second most spoken language in the world. It fascinates me when I hear that people can speak multiple languages and I wish that I was one of those people. Other than learning a language at GCSE, we are never encouraged to learn another language from a young age, and this is something I wish people would have pushed me to do.

I started off by wanting to learn German as I recognised certain words and phrases from when I was younger and was studying it. I thought it was the easiest language for me, personally, because of what I already know. However, it wasn’t the language that I felt passionate about, which is why I am now going to study French instead of German.

The French language is a romanticised language and I have no other excuse as to why I want to study it apart form that one. The language, to me, sounds so beautiful and has always been a language on my list to study alongside Italian, German and Mandarin. This doesn’t go to say that I will just drop German; it just means that German isn’t my priority without making that sound so rude and opposed.

Some people probably think that I will give up, or not stick to my word. However, I actually feel quite passionate about this and want to speak fluent French. I understand that French is quite hard when it comes to pronunciation and grammar, but I wont give up. In fact, because I am so passionate about this language I believe that I will stick to my new years resolution.

Don’t make a new years resolution if you know that there is a possibility that you wont stick to it. I believe that it’s completely pointless if you’re just going to drop it like all your other resolutions.

Maybe learn a new language?

Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name

I am so tired, but I just finished this book and have to talk about these key scenes. I wrote this so quickly because I want to go to sleep, but couldn’t wait to talk about it.

This book has really affected me because I, as a gay man, never get to see gay books and films become mainstream as it is said that this ‘preference’ of romance would not achieve a great audience that would create a large revenue. Luckily, Andrè Aciman (the author of Call Me By Your Name) wrote this very special love story that has definitely made me feel a lot more compassionate towards the idea of love.

I feel that gay people tend to give up on the idea of love as it is said that it is a lot harder for gay people to fall in love and find the right person. And I believe this to be true based on my experiences. Sometimes when I go clubbing, my friends are ‘getting off’ with straight guys because the whole club is filled with the popular heterosexual species. And it’s hard being the only gay guy in the corner WATCHING sexual tension build up between two people because I have never experienced it in that environment. Not saying that straight people in a club fall in love instantly with the person they get off with cause that is definitely not the case. But that’s, predominantly, the only type of lust for someone I see. This book helps me to understand what it’s like to be in awe by somebody.

I would say that I have definitely been in love before, but it wasn’t the love that many people make ‘love’ out to be. This book helped me understand what it felt like, but not in a way that you would expect. 

People, who are in love, say that you are both like one person; you are no longer an individual, but a unity. This book is quite graphic, or is it?, when it comes to talking about ‘feeling comfortable’ with the one you love. For example: Timothée Chalamet, who plays Elio ejaculates into a peach and Armie Hammer, who plays Oliver dips his finger inside the peach, tastes Elio’s semen and eats the fruit that Elio ejaculated into. Earlier on that night, Elio came into a peach whilst imagining having sex with Oliver and left the peach, and its contents that were inside, on his bedside table. Oliver later came into Elio’s bedroom and dipped his finger in and ate the peach as a form of acceptance and gratitude towards Elio. Here is the passage from the book WHICH YOU MUST READ:

“I watched him put the peach in his mouth and slowly begin to eat it, staring at me so intensely that I thought even lovemaking didn’t go so far…I could tell he was tasting it at that very instant. Something that was mine was in his mouth, more his than mine now. I don’t know what happened to me at that moment as I kept staring at him, but suddenly, I had a fierce urge to cry. And rather than fight it, as with orgasm, I simply let myself go, if only to show him something equally private about me as well. I reached for him and muffled my sobs against his shoulder. I was crying because no stranger had ever been so kind or gone so far for me….I was crying because I’d never known so much gratitude and there was no other way to show it.”

To me, this scene relates to the gradual acceptance of each others intense love. Sex is a personal subject between you and your partner and by Elio and Oliver sharing this moment with each other is some what beautiful.

The peach is a metaphor and is a way for these two men to be joined together. I can understand how this analogy may seem kind of gross, but look past it and see it as a way of connecting with each other, passionately. Throughout the book, you start to discover that Elio wants to try everything with Oliver and that Oliver is willing to do whatever Elio wants. They both want to connect with each other and not be afraid of it, or embarrassed like some people are. For example: Elio would lick Olivers eyelids, Elio drunk too much once and Oliver helped him throw up by putting his fingers in his mouth. Towards the end of their romance, they both share a hotel room and they both watch each other shit. Elio tells Oliver “Our bodies have no secrets now”. They share each others clothes, take showers together and literally try to feel like they are one person.

Elio wants to open doors to places where the most private bodily functions revert to acts of intimacy between these two men.

‘Call Me By Your Name’ is what the book, and the film adaptation has been called. When I first read the title I didn’t understand it, but by the end it could not make more sense. Like any other intimate relationship, two people, or more, become one and share each others lives together. This is what this book explores, but in a personal and graphic form. I later on see that Elio looks up to Oliver and sees himself in him, but just a younger and inexperienced version of him. 

This book is by far my favourite book and I recommend it to anyone. I cannot wait to go and see it in the cinema and hopefully you will be there supporting this work of art too.

I want to finish with what Elio says later on in the book:

“I had never been able to admit to myself how happy Oliver had made me the day he’d swallowed my peach. Of course, it had moved me, but it had flattered me as well, as though his gesture had said, I believe with every cell in my body that every cell in yours must not, must never, die, and if it does have to die, let it die inside my body.”

Why Sense8 is the most SENSE-ational television programme.

Sense8 is a science fiction/ drama show that is distributed by Netflix and has managed to form a strong audience that understand the true meaning of emotion and acceptance. The show is about eight people who have the ability to connect with each other mentally and emotionally, even though they are in different locations around the world. For example, some characters are based in Mexico, Nairobi, South Korea, India and many more locations.

Sense8 was cancelled, but then bought back because the fans reached out on social media to Netflix, which then reversed Netflix’s decision to cancel the show and create a two hour Special that will be released in 2018. Thanks to all the petitions that made Netflix re-evaluate their decision, I get to enjoy two seasons, plus a special, that has helped me to understand human emotion, and hopefully will help you understand it too.

Viewers were pessimistic about the show as it is something that no other programme has offered before, which is diversity. People are afraid of diversity and the ‘damage’ it can cause to society as it’s not ‘normal’. However, Sense8 breaks this ideology and reverses what it is deemed to be acceptable. This is why the show is exciting for people like me.

The show helps us understand the importance of emotion and expression, and how we communicate with one another. Each character can feel what someone else is feeling whether it be pain, sadness, love etc. Yet they’re not actually with each other, physically. The show portrays a positive message that when we connect with each other mentally and understand a particular emotion, then the world becomes a better place because ignorance is ignored and broken by the simple task of understanding and having compassion towards another human being. It’s a message about working together and crushing negativity that compels people to conform to pre conceived ideologies that actually don’t make sense in a contemporary world.

Labels are what limit our society in discovering what kind of person we can be if we weren’t so caught up in what kind of person society wants us to be. The greatest battle we have as human beings is within ourselves and by saying ‘fuck you’ to the norm, we are achieving a lot more, personally and collectively, by encouraging difference and not normality. These limitations are broken in Sense8 and it encourages viewers to not be afraid of the person that is locked up inside their own body, but to express it and be proud of who you are.

The show encourages diversity. For example, the fluidity of sexuality is promoted through sex scenes that include every character. You see women experience connections with other women and men experience connections with other men AND IT’S COMPLETELY NORMAL! These orgies that the show have filmed emit a strong sense of passion and love through the art of sex and acceptance. There is a line that Sun says which is “we exist because of sex and it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s something to honour, to enjoy.” When watching these scenes you can’t help but feel the love that is being portrayed, which is exactly why this show has been created. There is no room for hatred and division, for only love and unity is the most important.

We see different ethnicities connect and experience no form of hierarchy and self importance. Instead, they connect and help each other. When all the characters meet they all approach calmly and aren’t freaked out by the fact they hear voices and see someone else standing in their own living room. They connect as if there was nothing separating them in the first place. Distance is just air between two people. However, an emotional connection is a mental feeling that will never be broken. It gives off a message that we shouldn’t be scared because everyone looks different, acts different etc. It promotes the idea that we should accept difference and think positively of it. We see this in the show when Kala and Wolfgang fall in love even though they are both from very different backgrounds. Wolfgang is part of a violent, yet vulnerable, background, and Kala is due to get married to a man that is so in love with her yet it means nothing because of the emotional connection that her and Wolfgang have for each other.

Everyone on the show are portrayed to be emotional and to not hide the fact that sadness is a weakness. In society, men are stereotypically portrayed to conceal their emotions and not release any signs of weakness. Why? This show breaks that ideology through characters such as Will Gorski. Women are portrayed to be strong, independent, clever through characters like Sun, Nomi and Amanita. Why is it so difficult to represent real life and not create a fake reality that everyone struggles to confine with? Traditional ideologies are broken and re-sculpted by the influential team who worked on the set of Sense8.

Modern TV shows focus on cynical events and views on humanity which allows us to only think about the depressing side to human kind. This doesn’t do anything. Although, it does allow us to appreciate great shows like Sense8 that enlighten humanity and what we can do to make the world a better place just through the art of connection and emotion.

I suppose the audience for Sense8 are misfitted in society, which is why this show helps them, and myself, to understand that they are beautiful and aren’t outsiders. People like me and many others don’t fit into societal expectations, but this show gives us hope and determination to change matters that affect us in a negative way.  Love and struggle is something worth fighting for when I watch a show like this and it shouldn’t be compressed into a dark definition that everyone is afraid of.

Difference is something we fear and turn into a comical subject for bullying and to dehumanise people that have felt dehumanised their whole life. However, this show TEACHES people that we should embrace difference and not divide. So I urge you to watch Sense8 and feel inspired by the amazing work, and the risk that Netflix took in order to promote acceptance and love through the art of cinematography.

Thank you Sense8.

These are some great scenes from Sense8:

Happy BeyDay.

It is the 4th of September and the world is celebrating the birth of the greatest entertainer of our time. I am currently sitting in my living room blasting out all of her songs that she has ever done whilst writing this blog post.

I became a fan of Beyoncé when ‘I am…Sasha Fierce’ got released. However, I knew a lot of her songs before hand, but never actually payed enough attention to her performances and why she is one of the greatest performers to walk this Earth.

bey 1

Beyoncé is known not just for her music, but for her iconic performances that amaze whoever comes to see her show and I highly recommend you go see her live if you can afford it and you are lucky enough to actually get a chance to buy as they sell out quick.

I have never seen an artist work so hard before and deliver such an epic meal because she wants to and because she enjoys it. She makes her fans expect the unexpected and constantly gets better and better overtime. Her reputation is always growing and she is known to be the queen in the industry because she goes the extra mile. She really does have it all; the voice, the creativity, the baaawdy and many more elements that make Bey who she is.

She isn’t just a singer and performer. She is also an actress and does it so well. She has her own music label and has currently signed two young women called Chloe and Halle. She has made many of her own films and has directed them herself alongside featuring in many iconic films such as Austin Powers, Dreamgirls etc.

This virgo seriously inspires me to go far and work hard just like she has in her life since a teenager. Her beyhive recognise that she works hard and constantly back her corner no matter what. Forget the honeyBEYs. KillerBEYs are the new deal because of her reputation.

bey 6

The first concert that I experienced of Beyonce’s was ‘The Formation World Tour’ and I can happily say that it was the best day of my life. Everyone connected in that stadium, that was sold out may I add which resulted in her creating another date for London which also sold out, and it felt like family. Everyone understood why she has the reputation she does and didn’t call her over rated. I am now awaiting another album and release date cause I can’t get enough.

Beyoncé has six solo albums: Dangerously in Love, BDay, I am Sasha Fierce, 4, Self Titled and Lemonade. Not to mention all the albums when in the girl group ‘Destiny’s Child’. When listening to these albums you can hear her voice slowly mature over time because she has been in the industry for so long and has practiced and earned what she has today.  These albums represent the journey of her life which is why her fans connect with her and are so protective.

My favourite album would be ‘Self Titled’ because this is when I really noticed how hard she works. Her songs were very different from previous songs and you could see that she grew more confidence when writing this album. Her performances were more fulfilling and were more thought out. You could see that she spent more on production in this album and ever since self titles she has spent more and more which is why I love her.

She is one of the most successful black female artists of all time with figures that no one has ever touched. Beyoncé has the most VMA awards overtaking Madonna which is a massive achievement.

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Beyoncé truly is the best performer and I believe everyone should recognise the hard work that this inspirational woman has put in for us!

Happy BeyDay Bey.

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